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 “Patricia Glyn has shown once again that she is nothing less than an amazing, intrepid and dedicated modern day explorer, a seeker of truth, a story teller par excellence and an entertainer of the highest calibre." Prof. Rosemary Falcon, Director, Fossil Fuels Foundation

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Footing with Sir Richard’s Ghost                     Price: R 250

In 1863, English gentlemen Sir Richard George Glyn and his brother Robert came to Africa, lured to the continent by its big game and the astounding cascade that David Livingstone had recently ‘discovered’ and named The Victoria Falls.

Richard kept a diary about their extraordinary odyssey, a journal which inspired his and Robert ’s great-great-grand niece, Patricia Glyn, to shadow their expedition in 2005. But unlike her ancestors, Patricia did the journey entirely on foot. Accompanied by her little African dog, Tapiwa, she walked nearly 2 200 kilometres, following her forebears’ route along the 19th- century wagon trails that once snaked along the great rivers of the subcontinent.

This is the story of two brave adventures told through two illuminating, interwoven diaries. The book comprises 328 full- colour pages and over 400 photographs from Patricia’s expedition, her ancestors’ and many others of the 19th century.

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Off Peak

Price: R 150

In early 2003, South African journalist and broadcaster Patricia Glyn spent 59 long days (and even longer nights) with the Discovery Expedition at Base Camp, the makeshift town which grows each year on the side of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest.

Everest is famed for bringing out the best and worst in people and, as a non-climber, Patricia witnessed it all: the intense struggles, the egos, the pain of failure and finally the ecstasy of a dream fulfilled.

Off Peak is an engaging study of the foibles of human nature.

Written with great wit and humour, the diary is interspersed with epic mountain stories and tales of heroes of old and chronicles Patricia’s very personal journey to one of the bleakest spots on earth.

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Footing with Sir Richards Ghost by Patricia Glyn
Off Peak by Patricia Glyn
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